Can solar power save money?

PV industry can make money.
1. Photovoltaic companies employ salespeople to sell photovoltaic products,solar street light. High risk, high return.
2. For rental photovoltaic development, solar led street light, choose products from big brands, and do not save money for later operation and maintenance and insurance. Almost zero risk, medium return.

3. Industrial power stations, solar powered street lights, which cooperate with factories, sell power generation to factories, and see the power consumption of factories. If the electricity consumption is not high and most of the electricity is sold to the national grid, there will be no subsidies and taxes will be paid. If the electricity consumption is large, the yield is very high
Expansion information:
As an investment, solar street light price philippines, you need to look at the purpose, or the expected rate of return of your investment. If you want to double in a few years, or you can quickly realize wealth appreciation like real estate speculation, then I am sorry, there is absolutely no way for photovoltaics to satisfy you. investment expectations, because from the beginning of the development of this industry, except for the golden sun project that was purely fraudulent and subsidized, the IRR of no such project would be very high, which would be more than 20% higher, because the essence of photovoltaics is energy, energy To a certain extent, the interests of all parties need to be balanced, and there is no possibility of huge profits. Of course, the big dog in the Middle East can dig a hole in the ground to produce oil. This is an exception. On the premise, let’s talk about photovoltaic power generation
1. Photovoltaic power generation is a one-time investment with no subsequent large-scale expenditures, and it is the only project with little relationship between production cost and scale. 100MW, the difference in the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour is not very big, and the difference in the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour is very likely to be within a few cents. That is to say, in the project of photovoltaic power generation, there is no such thing as marginal cost.
2. Photovoltaic power generation, solar street light lazada is an investment project with fully predictable income and stable cash flow. The income of your project mainly depends on the local solar radiation and the settlement electricity price under the roof you invest in. The income is completely predictable and the cash flow is stable. Product, this also means that the yield is stable, not huge profits. This can refer to treasury bonds. Why the yield of treasury bond products has been very stable is because of its stability and very good liquidity, which is equivalent to cash-like assets. Function, photovoltaic power station also has this feature to a certain extent (of course your electricity bill must be able to be charged on time).

Post time: May-27-2022