• What is the benefit of a solar street light?

    In modern cities, the lighting of public facilities on both sides of the road and the lighting of buildings are a lot of expenses, and they need to be spent every day. The emergence of solar street light,solar led street light has greatly alleviated the problems of large urban public facilities ...
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  • Can solar power save money?

    PV industry can make money. 1. Photovoltaic companies employ salespeople to sell photovoltaic products,solar street light. High risk, high return. 2. For rental photovoltaic development, solar led street light, choose products from big brands, and do not save money for later operation and mainte...
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  • Why should we use Solar street lights?

    1. Good cost performance Compared with traditional street lights, the price of solar street lights is relatively expensive. However, the performance of solar street lights is much better. Buying solar street lights can achieve long-term benefits from one investment, and the cost performance is ve...
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  • LED Solar Street Lights and Solar Flood Lights Buyers Guide

    1. Pay attention to the overall configuration of the system When purchasing solar street light philippines, you should not only pay attention to the quality of the lamps, but also pay more attention to the overall configuration. Including the peak wattage of photovoltaic modules, lithium battery ...
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  • How Do Solar Street Lights Work?

    With the development of the times, now, solar led street light is a kind of traffic road condition lighting that uses solar energy, a new type of energy, as the external power source of street lights. It can play a very important role in our urban life. Our eyes on travel and nightlife. So do you...
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  • Best Solar Flood Lights

    1.Which solar led flood light is good? a. The integration may be better in terms of quality and solar street light price; b. In terms of waterproofing, there is no distinction. As long as the shell of the lamp is good, it is enough to add a good sealing strip. Of course it must be IP65 above grad...
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  • Saudi Arabia to produce more than 50% of the world’s solar energy

    According to the Saudi mainstream media “Saudi Gazette” on March 11, Khaled Sharbatly, the managing partner of the desert technology company which is focusing on solar energy, revealed that Saudi Arabia will achieve an international leading position in the field of solar power generat...
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  • The world is expected to add 142 GW of solar PV in 2022

    The world is expected to add 142 GW of solar PV in 2022

    According to IHS Markit’s latest 2022 global photovoltaic (PV) demand forecast, global solar installations will continue to experience double-digit growth rates over the next decade. Global new solar PV installations will reach 142 GW in 2022, up 14% from the previous year. The expected 14...
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  • Four major changes are about to happen in the photovoltaic industry

    Four major changes are about to happen in the photovoltaic industry

    From January to November 2021, the newly installed photovoltaic capacity in China was 34.8GW, a year-on-year increase of 34.5%. Considering that nearly half of the installed capacity in 2020 will take place in December, the growth rate for the whole year of 2021 will be much lower than market exp...
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  • Will renewable energy redefine technology in a sustainable future?

    In the early 1900s, energy professionals began to develop the power grid. They have obtained abundant and reliable electricity supply by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Thomas Edison objected to these energy sources, saying that society derives energy from natural supplies, such as sun...
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  • How to continue the gradual withdrawal of traditional energy and the replacement of new energy?

    Energy is the main battlefield for achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and electricity is the main force on the main battlefield. In 2020, carbon dioxide emissions from my country’s energy consumption accounted for about 88% of total emissions, while the power industry accounted fo...
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  • The growth rate of the U.S. solar industry will be lowered next year: supply chain restrictions, rising raw material costs

    The American Solar Energy Industry Association and Wood Mackenzie (Wood Mackenzie) jointly issued a report stating that due to supply chain restrictions and rising raw material costs, the growth rate of the US solar industry in 2022 will be 25% lower than previous forecasts. The latest data show ...
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