LED Solar Street Lights and Solar Flood Lights Buyers Guide

1. Pay attention to the overall configuration of the system

When purchasing solar street light philippines, you should not only pay attention to the quality of the lamps, but also pay more attention to the overall configuration. Including the peak wattage of photovoltaic modules, lithium battery capacity and stable performance of LED street lights, etc. Only when all the issues are taken into account can the practical performance of solar led street light lazada be guaranteed to be higher.

2. Pay attention to the quality of components
Solar led street lights are composed of lithium batteries and controllers and other components. The quality of the components will directly affect the quality of lighting. In particular, the capacity of the lithium battery is the key to determining the length of street lighting. Therefore, when choosing a solar LED street light, it is necessary to choose a component with good quality and a large capacity of the lithium battery.

3. Pay attention to chip quality
The chip can be said to be the core part of the solar LED street light. If a poor quality chip is selected, it will directly affect the performance of the street light. Some unscrupulous merchants, in order to win more profits, will choose low-quality chips. If they buy such products, it will seriously affect their subsequent use.
4. Pay attention to the configuration of virtual labels
The practical performance of solar led street lights is very strong, and the competition pressure between brands is great, which also gives many unscrupulous merchants an opportunity. The false information is marked on the street light products, including the wattage of the light source, the capacity of the battery, and the materials used for the street light pole, etc. When purchasing, you must verify it clearly before purchasing.

5. Pay attention to heat dissipation
Since solar powered street lights have been in harsh environments for a long time, the requirements for their heat dissipation performance are more stringent. If there is no good heat dissipation solution, after a period of use, it is prone to rapid aging, and the stability will also deteriorate. This is also one of the reasons why the use of many products does not meet the expected value.
6, pay attention to copper wire posing as gold wire
We all know that the price of gold wire is very expensive, so many solar street light price on the market are replaced by copper alloy or gold-clad silver alloy wire. While these materials have better properties than gold wire in some respects, the performance is much worse after actual use.

Post time: May-27-2022