Promote the optimal combination of coal and new energy

Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality is a broad and profound economic and social systemic change. To effectively achieve “safe, orderly and safe carbon reduction”, we need to adhere to a long-term and systematic green development approach. After more than a year of practice, the work of carbon peak and carbon neutrality has become more and more concrete and pragmatic.

The gradual withdrawal of traditional energy should be based on the safe and reliable replacement of new energy

When industrialization has not yet been completed, how to ensure the energy supply required for economic and social development while achieving the “dual carbon” goal is an important proposition related to the long-term development of China’s economy.

To complete the world’s highest carbon emission intensity reduction, it is undoubtedly a tough battle to achieve the transition from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in the shortest time. As the world’s largest developing country, my country’s industrialization and urbanization are still advancing. In 2020, my country produced about half of the global output of crude steel, about 1.065 billion tons, and half of the cement, about 2.39 billion tons.

Chinese infrastructure construction, urbanization, and housing development have huge demands. The energy supply of coal power, steel, cement and other industries must be guaranteed. The gradual withdrawal of traditional energy sources should be based on the safe and reliable replacement of new energy sources.

This is in line with the reality of my country’s current energy consumption structure. Data show that fossil energy still accounts for more than 80% of my country’s energy consumption structure. In 2020, China’s coal consumption will account for 56.8% of total energy consumption. Fossil energy still plays an important role in stabilizing and reliable energy supply and maintaining the competitiveness of the real economy.

In the process of energy transition, traditional energy sources are gradually withdrawing, and new energy sources are accelerating development, which is the general trend. my country’s energy structure is changing from coal-based to diversified, and coal will be transformed from a main energy source to a supporting energy source. But in the short term, coal is still playing ballast in the energy structure.

At present, China’s non-fossil energy, especially renewable energy, has not developed sufficiently to meet the demand for increased energy consumption. Therefore, whether coal can be reduced depends on whether non-fossil energy can replace coal, how much coal can be replaced, and how quickly coal can be replaced. In the early stage of the energy transition, it is necessary to intensify scientific and technological innovation. On the one hand, it is necessary to research and develop coal to reduce carbon utilization, and on the other hand, it is necessary to develop renewable energy well and quickly.

People in the power industry also generally believe that clean planning and clean transformation are the basic ways to achieve the “dual-carbon” goal. However, it is necessary to always put the supply of electricity in the first place and first of all to ensure the safety of energy and power supply.

Building a new power system based on new energy is a key measure to promote a clean and low-carbon transition of energy.

To solve the main contradiction of my country’s energy transition lies in how to deal with the problem of coal power. Vigorously develop renewable energy, shift from a coal-based power system to a power system based on renewable energy such as wind and light, and realize the substitution of fossil energy. This will be the way for us to make good use of electricity and achieve “carbon neutrality”. only way. However, both photovoltaic and wind power have the characteristics of poor continuity, geographical restrictions, and prone to short-term surplus or shortage.

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Post time: Dec-14-2021